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Primary school children who are failing math due to different emotion-related reasons like stress, anxiety or even fear.

This year, some parents, after realizing their tutors could no longer help their kids, came to us for help.

They were either still making careless mistakes or feeling anxious/ fearful of taking tests and exams. Others disliked or hated math and had low self-confidence. One was even scoring 1 mark and had very low self-esteem.

Result on 2013 PSLE result release day: 100% (Yes, all!) are promoted to Sec 1 with over 50% getting A and B – highest score was 258.

Here’s more breakthroughs by my students!

A boy improved from 16 marks to D grade using only 3 months.

Another boy, who used to disliked math, scored E for his Prelim and scored a C grade for PSLE using only 1 month.

A girl, who used to be a math hater, scored 28/100 for her SA1. Within weeks, she scored 46/100 for her Prelim. Not defeated, she strived harder and scored a B grade for PSLE!

Another girl, who used to lack confidence, jumped from 60 in SA1 to 87 for prelim and A* for PSLE math. Her aggregate score is 258! (Click here for more real testimonials.)

Using our healthier (less stress & more fun) way of mastering math, all our students now like math more and are more confident.

To find out more how we helped one of our students improved from F to B within 2 days, click here now to Read More

“My child’s Math results have improved greatly. He’s beginning to like Math & regained his confidence. John is very patient & encouraging.”
Mdm Tan

About Us

Our mission:

Here, we make learning math healthier & simpler while helping your child move beyond fail towards better grades.

If your child isn’t doing well and you’re looking for a more effective way (other than normal tutoring) to help your child get better grades while building up confidence level, you’re in the right place.

(If you are looking for A* guaranteed within a short time & with little work done, then we aren’t the right fit for you.)

The great US poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “The secret in education lies in respecting the student“.

Well, he was right. Once we understand the student’s strengths and interests, doing well in math becomes so easy.

To find out how we can help your child Click Here

“I’m now more interested in Math and I am no longer afraid of it. My confidence level has increased greatly…”
ZB, student

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Both Your Child's Grades & Emotional Well-Being Matter

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